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Orwell’s 1984 expressed his concern about the power of governments to repress their citizens through intrusive information gathering and propaganda. Explore the links below to decide if modern technology  may give governments and corporations the ability to lead us to 19842010. Please note that not all of these links are to sites without bias. It is up to you to use your “Website Evaluation Checklist” and your own critical thinking to determine the veracity of what you find. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Text Box: If a data set reveals a person’s ZIP code, birth date and gender, there’s an 87 percent chance that the person can be uniquely identified.
Source: Wired Magazine

Are George Orwell’s concerns about totalitarian governments still valid today?

Privacy Issues

General: Everyone Should Read These First


Social Networks Like Facebook

Privacy and New Technologies from the EFF


How Facebook Tracks Users

How Privacy Vanishes Online from the New York Times


Facebook Privacy Scroll down to “background”.

Anonymity from the EFF


Six Things You Need to Know About Facebook “Connections”

How to Really Do the Stuff Marcus/W1n5t0n Does in Little Brother


How Facebook is Putting its Users Last

Everyone’s Trying to Track What You Do on the Web


Facebook Further Reduces Your Control Over Personal Information

Biometrics: DNA, Fingerprints, and More


Social Networking Privacy Scroll down to “background”.

How Will Biometrics Affect Our Privacy? Must click “next” below  the video.


Medical Records and Health Information

Biometrics Must Balance Privacy and security


Medical Record Privacy Scroll down to “background”

Department of Homeland Security: Biometrics


Privacy Issue Complicates Push to Link Medical Data

Should we have a national DNA database?


Medical Paper Trail Takes an Electronic Turn

Should all criminals go into DNA Bank?


Cell Phones

DNA Collection from Suspects Could Increase


Cell Phones and Privacy

US Appeals Court Finds DNA Testing Constitutional


Feds Push For Tracking Cell Phones

Cameras and Public Surveillance


Cell Phones and Privacy Editorial from the NY Times.

What’s Wrong With Public Video Surveillance? From the ACLU


Privacy in the Age of the Smartphone

School District Accused of Snapping Thousands of Shots


Supreme Court Takes Up Mobile Phone Privacy

Is the U.S. Turning Into a Surveillance Society? From the ACLU


Registering Cell Phones in Mexico

Many Ways to Remotely Activate Webcams


Body/License Plate Scanners

Backlash against Red Light Cameras


Whole Body Imaging Technology Scroll down to “background”.

Increased Surveillance Weighs Safety, Privacy


Airport Body Scanners are Headed to 11 Major Airports

Hackers and Scams


Will Full-Body Scanners Improve Airport Security?

Is It Safe to Bank Online?


License Plate Scanners: Fighting Crime or Invading Privacy?

Prevent Clickjacking


Targeted Behavioral Marketing

Protecting Yourself from Phishing


Internet Coupons

How to Foil Identity Thieves


How will web coupons affect your personal health information?

How Not to Get Hooked by Phishing


Privacy Groups Urge Curbs on Online Targeting

Government Spying/Domestic Surveillance


Why Google and Facebook want to Know Everything About You

NY City Mayor Defends Intelligence-Gathering on Muslims


How Companies Learn Your Secrets

Domestic Surveillance Pro and Con from NPR about Bush-era actions.


Why This Hot Technology is Burning Its Users

Homeland Security Monitors Social Media


National ID Cards

Senators Introduce Bill Against Warrantless Secret Video Surveillance


5 Problems With National ID Cards

Lawmakers Eyeing National ID Card


National ID and Real ID Scroll down to the section “History of National ID Cards”.

NY Police and Iris Photos


ACLU Blasts National ID Card Proposal

Search Engines


ID Card for Workers is at the Center of Immigration Plan

Search Engine Privacy Scroll down to “Introduction”.


Video Editorial from Fox News An opinion piece. Video, so you’ll need headphones.

Being Tracked by Google Isn’t Bad—It’s Actually Good A different take.



Search Privacy at Google and Other Search Engines


Wi-Fi from the EFF Surveillance Self-defense Project.

Google as Big Brother


NY Case Underscores Wi-Fi Privacy Dangers

Google’s New Privacy Policy: What to Do


How to Crack a Wi-Fi Network’s WEP Password



Tips for Using Wi-Fi Securely

Evaluating Websites: Think Critically!


Research Tools and Other Stuff

The Web Evaluation Checklist


Ebsco Database Newspaper and magazine articles, reference books.

Evaluating Web Pages from UC Berkeley.


Gale Databases Newspaper and magazine articles, reference books.

Whois Lookup


Download Little Brother for free, legally, and in any format you can imagine.

Alexa Site Info A wealth of information about websites.


Ordering Pizza in 2015 The movie. You will need headphones.

Duke University Web Evaluation Guide


Scary Pizza Same concept, from the ACLU.

Purdue University Web Evaluation Guide


PrivacyChoice A browser tool to estimate the privacy risk of using a webiste.



H.R. 1981 and SOPA

Questions to Investigate

1. Explain the capabilities of your technology. What can now be done using this technology?

2. What are the advantages of the new technology?

3. What are the concerns about the new technology?

4. What is your take? What should a reasonable person be worried about?

5. What actions do you advise individuals to take?

6. List the sources you used and your evaluation of them. Defend your choice of sources. Which ones were valid and reliable? Did you find bias or unreliable information?

Presentation Rubric Take a look at this and self-evaluate before you present.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?