E-ra [eer-uh, er-uh] 1.a period of time marked by distinctive character, events, etc. 2. a date or an event forming the beginning of any distinctive period: The year 1492 marks an era in world history. From the Latin, aera.

Essential Questions: What makes an era an era? What defines your era?










The Progressive Era and Prohibition


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Photostory Tutorial

World War I and the Roaring Twenties


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Museum Box

The Great Depression and the New Deal


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How to Use Museum Box A PowerPoint tutorial

World War Two


Music from the Time Period



Music from Digital History

The Cold War and the Korean War


Dig CC Mixter Copyright friendly music



American Popular Music by Decades

The Vietnam War and the Sixties


Primary Sources: Photos, Documents, Diaries, etc.



Old Magazine Articles



The National Archives  Scroll to the bottom

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General Resources

Online Media Converter Convert music to mp3 and more


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TimeToast Create timelines, share them on the web


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American Social and Cultural History from The Smithsonian

EasyBib Cite your sources. Enter info, get an MLA citation.


American Cultural History From Lonestar College-Kingwood

The MHS Library Web Site Search the catalog, Lots of useful links


Encyclopedia Britannica Online see Niche for login info



The Library of Congress American Memory Project



Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection at UT

Project Details, Roles, Handouts


Encyclopedia Smithsonian A good, basic encyclopedia

The team role page


Census Bureau Population Information and Statistical Abstract

Project Handout (PDF) Has the assignment and calendar


National Archives Digital Vault Very cool!



Historic Mapworks



The CIA World Factbook Good data about countries



Ebsco Newspaper and magazine articles



Census Data For each decade



Ad*Access Advertisements from 1911 to the 1950s



We Didn’t Start the Fire Recording artist Billy Joel wrote and performed a song called “We Didn’t Start the Fire” which listed notable people, places, and events of the twentieth century. This page has links to it all.