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The Progressive Era and Prohibition




Suggested Topics to Explore (you will need to narrow)

Learn About the Progressive Era from Digital History

Cities in the Progressive Era

Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle

Thomas Edison and the Invention of Motion Pictures

Jane Addams

Automobiles in the Progressive Era

Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt

Woodrow Wilson

W.E.B. Dubois

Boy’s Town

Jacob Riis, photography of the conditions of the poor

Lincoln Steffens

The Haymarket Affair

Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire

Carrie Nation

Henry Ford

The Spanish-American War

Andrew Carnegie: The Richest Man in the World

Around the World in the 1890s: Transportation

Immigrants in the Progressive Era

The Sixteenth Amendment: Income Tax

The Seventeenth Amendment: Direct Election of Senators

The Eighteenth Amendment: Prohibition of Alcohol

The 19th Amendment: Women’s Suffrage (right to vote)

The Wright Brothers: First to Fly

Trust Busting

1896: Presidential Election

Ragtime Music

The Alaskan Gold Rush

The Anti-Saloon League

The Pan American Exposition

The Conservation Movement

The Chinese in California 1850–1925

Nellie Bly Circles the Globe, reports

Yellow Fever

Separate But Equal: Plessy Vs. Ferguson

The Great Chicago Fire

Al Capone

The Anti-Saloon League







Progressive Era: Reform Lots of links, great place to start

The Progressive Era from the Library of Congress

American Cultural History: 1910-1919

The Rise of Industrial America from the Library of Congress

Play the Game: Can you pay the bills in turn of the century USA?

Stories from the Progressive Era


A great way to get images is to go to the Library of Congress American Memory website. In the search box, type terms like temperance, prohibition, saloon, alcohol, sweatshop, etc. You may want to click on “gallery view” to see thumbnail photos of your search results.

Small Town America 1850-1920

Photos from the National Archives

America at Work, School, and Leisure 1894-1915

Jacob Riis photos of the poor. More photos here.

Women of Protest: The Suffrage Movement

Old Pictures

Diaries, Journals, and First-Hand Accounts

The diaries of President Rutherford B. Hayes

Prairie Settlement 1862-1912: Diaries, photos, and letters

How the Other Half Lives by Jacob Riis


Music and Sound

Historic Music from Digital History

Mrs. Niche has a CD of Ragtime music with MP3s you can use. Ask for it in the library.


Scanned and Transcribed Documents

Harper’s Weekly Magazines: Political cartoons, ads, articles

Documents of the Progressive Era


Panoramic Maps of the late 1800s and early 1900s

Presidential Election 1900


Prohibition From Digital History

Food through the Decades

Prohibition, 1927 from Eyewitness to history

Fashion Throughout History

Progressive Era Links