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American Eras Project Resources

Team Roles



Religion and Culture



Social and Ideals/Beliefs

*  Identify 3 significant criminals, movies, songs, and/or celebrities that epitomized the era and explain why/how they impacted the era. 

*  3 major fashion trends for women and 3 major fashion trends for men – include pictures

FBI Famous Cases and Criminals

Fashion Throughout History

American Popular Music by Decades

Music from Digital History

Famous People of the 1920s

Academy Awards for Best Motion Picture (Wiki)

Hollywood’s Leading Ladies from the 1920s to the 1950s



*  Who was being discriminated against and why?  (Which groups of people: women, men, immigrants, etc.)

*  Where were a majority of the immigrants coming from (Example: Eastern Europe)?

*  Was the U.S. welcoming to the immigrants or not? Why or why not?

*  Were there inequalities amongst gender?  Identify these.

Immigration and U.S. History

United States Immigration Before 1965

Historical Census Statistics on the Foreign-Born Population of the U.S.

Immigration to the U.S. Scroll down to the data table

The Fight for Women’s Sufferage

Famous Firsts in American Women’s History



Intellectual/reflection questions



Politics and Government

*  Identify 5 major inventions that helped the U.S. advance

*  Identify 3 pieces on influential/popular literature and explain why/how they impacted the U.S.

Publisher’s Weekly lists of best-selling novels (Wiki)

Time Magazine 100 Best Books

A Timeline of Twentieth Century Inventions

Inventors and Inventions 1901 to 1950and 1951 to 2000



*  Identify 3 political leaders who shaped U.S. History and explain why they helped shape the U.S.

*  Provide a timeline of 10 major events that shaped the era and explain why they shaped the era. 

U.S. Presidents from

A Chronology of American History: 20th Century

U.S. History Timeline Use the links on the left the select your era

American Political History Online

Most Influential Figures in American History From Atlantic Monthly




*  Include the average price of the following goods: car, milk, sugar, eggs, and housing

*  What was the average household income?

*  Were a majority of the people low, middle or upper class socioeconomically?

*  Was the nation in a boom or a bust? Include 3 pieces of evidence (Example: GDP)

Statistical Abstract from the U.S. Census Bureau. Click on .PDF

Wages for Workers 1776 to Present

GDP 1790 to Present

Annual Growth Rate of Various Historic Economical Series

National Population (Historical)

Food Prices in the Sixties and in the seventies

Food through the Decades

Farming Through the Decades Use the links on the left