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Vietnam and the Sixties/Seventies



Topics to Explore

Learn About the Vietnam War from Digital History

The Domino Effect

American Cultural History: The Sixties

Battle of Dien Bien Phu

American Cultural History: The Seventies

The Gulf of Tonkin Incident and Resolution

American Experience: Vietnam from PBS

JFK Assassination

Battlefield Vietnam

Protest Music of the Sixties and here

The Vietnam War from the BBC

Draft Card Burning (Wiki)


The Summer of Love and Woodstock (Wiki)

Photos from the National Archives Also, see this

The Beatles and the British Invasion

In Pictures: The Vietnam War from the BBC

The Tet Offensive and Here

Vietnam, Thirty-Five Years Later from The Boston Globe

The My Lai Massacre

Vietnam War Pictures

General William Westmoreland

Vietnam Video from The History Channel

Fall of Saigon

Diaries, Journals, and First-Hand Accounts

The Hanoi Hilton (Hoa Lo Prison)

The National Archives Vietnam Collection

Siege of Khe Sahn

Pieces: Reflections of a Rifleman

Secret Bombing of Cambodia

The Sixties Project: Personal Narratives

The Kent State Shootings

Music and other Audio

Agent Orange

Rock and Roll in the 1960s Part IV, Message  Music, is especially connected to Vietnam

The Ho Chi Mihn Trail


The ARVN (Wiki)

Vietnam Oral History Project from Texas Tech

Pol Pot


Watergate and here

Fashion Throughout History

Richard Nixon

Food through the Decades

Vietnam Memorial, “The Wall”

Food Prices in the Sixties and in the seventies

Henry Kissinger

Time Magazine Vietnam Archives

Weapons of the Vietnam War

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

Operation Rolling Thunder

The 1960s From The History Channel

Operation Linebacker A Wiki


Riverine Warfare/Brown Water Navy (Wiki)


The Green Berets


Lyndon Johnson


The Viet Cong


The Civil Rights Act


The March on Washington, 1963


Martin Luther King


Montgomery Bus Boycott


Birmingham Church Bombing


Abbie Hoffman


Chicago Seven


Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)


The Patty Hearst Kidnapping