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World War I and the Roaring Twenties




Topics to Explore:

World War One from the BBC. Lots of cool features

Poetry of Wilfred Owen Describes the horrors of war

WWI from The History Channel

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Assassinated and Here

Trenches on the Web Scroll down to find the good links

Trench Warfare

First World Good resources, annoying ads

Poison Gas in warfare

American Cultural History: Post WWI and the Roaring Twenties

Battle of Verdun


Mata Hari Famous spy

WWI Photos from the National Archives

The “Lost Generation” Also, Gale has a great page on this

Photographs Click the menu on the right

Lawrence of Arabia

Video of WWI


Sketches and Paintings of WWI

Sinking of the Lusitania

WWI Resource Center

Battle at Gallipoli

Doughboy Photo Album

Chateau-Thierry (Wiki)

Images and Artifacts Check this out. Cool!

The League of Nations

Old Pictures

Shell Shock in WWI

Army Art of WWI

Sgt. Alvin York

Diaries, Journals, and First-Hand Accounts

The Treaty of Versailles Scroll down

Eyewitness to History

The Red Baron

WWI Diaries


Learning to Fly in the AEF

Battle of the Somme


The introduction of the tank

Historic Music from Digital History

The Development of Air Warfare

The Doughboy Cafe

General John Pershing

Songs of the First World War

The Fourteen Points

Doughboy Music

Kaiser Wilhelm

Scanned and Transcribed Documents

Russian Revolution

Primary Source Documents

Black Tom bombing

War Letters


WWI Political Cartoons




Battlefield Maps


The Map Room




More WWI Links


The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century from PBS


Stars and Stripes Newspaper


The American 20s: Literature and Art


The Doughboy Center Lots of links. Click on one of the buttons for an army (on the left).


The Human Face of War


The Price of Freedom: Americans at War from the Smithsonian Museum of American History. Cool


Fashion Throughout History


Food through the Decades


Food Prices in the 1920s


Fashion and Music in the Roaring Twenties