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World War II




Suggested Topics to Explore (you will need to narrow)

WW II from the BBC (British Broadcasting Company)

Lend-Lease Act

Audie Murphy

The Bataan Death March

Blitzkrieg Tactics

Manzanar and other Japanese Internment Sites

Rosie the Riveter

Big Band Music like The Glenn Miller Orchestra


The Battle of Britain

Concentration Camps: Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, etc. Development of Paratroopers as a new fighting force

Tanks in WW II (pick one specific tank) such as the Sherman Tank

Erwin Rommel and the Africa Corp

Richard Winters from “Band of Brothers” (Wiki)

Combat Artists in WW II (Mrs. Niche’s Uncle was one!)

The German P.O.W. camp in Princeton, Texas

The Doolittle Raid

Navajo Code Talkers

Tokyo Rose and here

The French Resistance (Wiki)

Raising the Flag at Iwo Jima

The F4-U Corsair Fighter Plane

The Battle of the Bulge

Adolph Hitler

Winston Churchill

Dwight D. Eisenhower

D-Day Invasion

Pearl Harbor

Women in the service: WACS and WAVES

The Marshall Plan

Pappy Boyington and the Black Sheep Squadron A wiki

Dr. Seuss Goes to War: political cartoons

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

The Luftwaffe

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

The Maginot Line

Nose Art on B-29 Bombers

Iwo Jima

Battle of Guadacanal

Battle of Okinawa

Battle of Tarawa

General Tojo

Nazi Saboteurs in America

The Black Dahlia Murder

Hollywood Stars Entertain Troops






The ARC Gallery Lots of links for lots of topics

Timeline of WW II

American Cultural History: The 1940s

Photos and Other Images

Ansel Adams’ Photos of the Japanese Internment at Manzanar

Images of WWII from the National Archives

America from the Great Depression to WW II You will have to hunt and search but there are some great, unique photos in here.

Rosie the Riveter photos

Photos from the National Archives

Diaries, Journals, and First-Hand Accounts

Wartime Experiences from the National Archives

The Veteran’s History Project Click Search the Veterans Collections, then check the WW II box and click Go.

Japanese Internment Primary Sources

A Marine Corp Pilot’s Diary Story of a guy who loved a girl and how he never came home. Also, click here for the whole story.

Music and Sound

Historic Music from Digital History

Interviews the day after Pearl Harbor

Songs, radio news, and speeches

Big Band Music

Scanned and Transcribed Documents

WW II documents from the Avalon Project at Yale University

Primary Source Documents relating to WW II.


Military Situation Maps Use the links on the left to browse

Maps from the Perry-Castaneda collection at UT


Posters, photographs, and newspapers

Eyewitness to History WWII Links

University of Washington WW II website Too much to list! Links.

WW II Videos

Powers of Persuasion: Poster Art from WW II

World War Two Links from San Diego State University

The Price of Freedom: Americans at War from the Smithsonian Museum of American History. Cool

History of War Online

Food through the Decades

Fashion Throughout History

Food Prices in the 1940s