Picture Book Project

Ms. Hernandez

Melissa High School Spanish III

From http://take-a-screenshot.org/ 


To Edit Your Screenshot

1. Open up MS Publisher

2. Double-click “Blank Page Sizes”

3. Double-click any of the page sizes

4. Right-click and paste your screen shot

5. Click on what you pasted, then click the Crop tool.

This is the crop tool

6. Grab the black handles and drag them in to select the parts of the picture you want.

7. Right-click on your picture and click on “Save As Picture”.

8. Name the picture and change the “Save As Type” to JPEG. Save it to your H drive or somewhere else convenient

9. Now you can insert the picture in your presentation.

Note: On some keyboards, you might have to hold down the shift key when you click the Print screen key.





Image by J.R. Skelton

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